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First Look At Rams QB Blake Bortles' Shaved Head

The 2018 Blake of the Year has finally given in to the bald life and shaved his head.

Blake Bortles, AKA The B.O.A.T. (Best of All Time), has moved on from Jacksonville and landed in Los Angeles, California. He signed with the Rams this off-season to backup and ultimately take over for Jared Goff.

His first step in turning Hollywood was buying a brand new Tesla. His real reason for getting a Tesla was to avoid gas stations so he could quit dipping. This per his conversation with the big "J" journalists from PMT on Barstool Sports. Full convo here:

The second step for his LA makeover was to finally shave his head. Like many red blooded Americans with too much testosterone, Blake suffers from Androgenic Alopecia, or Male Pattern Baldness.

He did what most guys do and tried to wear a ball cap at all times. Unfortunately for football players, they have to take their helmets off occasionally.

Unfortunately, this video was the straw that broke the camel's hair piece:

Blake didn't go full send and use a razor, instead he opted to buzz it with clippers. My sources tell me he used a Wahl wireless clipper to get the job done.

He now looks like a young Jason Stathom mixed with a goddamn Lion.

My prediction is that this new look will propel Blake Bortles into the upper echelon of NFL quarterbacks and cement his legacy in the League.

People forget, Bortles was beating the Patriots and would've advanced to the Superbowl if not for the referees. Reminder, Myles Jack wasn't down.



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