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Natural Light: Naturdays Review

The best value proposition in your local beer aisle.

Unless you’re a dummy and don’t drink, you have probably noticed the big bright pink beacon of light in the beer aisle. That beacon is Natural Light Naturdays. I know what you’re thinking when you see it, because I was thinking the same thing, nice box but I’m not buying that shit. What you may have not noticed that the pink box isn’t just Natural Light, it's actually strawberry lemonade beer. This is a review of Anheuser Busch’s best value.

Let’s cut to the chase. This isn’t a girly drink like Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Zima, or Bicardi O. This is more in line with Leinenkugel’s summer shandy, a nice refresher on a hot day. This is a beer you can drink all day that doesn’t taste like straight sugar. These bad boys come in 30 packs for $16.99. As a comparison, Bud Light costs $18.99 for 24.

bUt JOel, isn’T NaturaL LigHT like driNking PIss WaTER? Normal Natural Light gets a bad rap because of the lack of flavor. That doesn’t mean there isn’t booze in it. Natural Light has a 4.2% abv, the same as Bud Light. Naturdays are no different and also have a 4.2%. If you think Bud Light tastes like piss water, then you are a snob and I am glad I don’t drink the same beers as you.

Let’s talk about the taste. When you first hits your lips the first thing you will notice is the sweetness from the strawberry flavor. Then the sourness of the lemonade will kick in acting as the yang to the strawberry’s ying. Finally, there will be a hint of ass beer taste which is good in this case. Overall you can tell quality isn’t as good as the previously mentioned Leinenkugel, but as mentioned before, you can drink these babies all day long.

Who would I recommend this beer for.

  1. College kids - you get a lot of beer for your dollar.

  2. Golfers - I have heard from multiple people now that this is great for an early tee time in the morning.

  3. Teenagers drinking their first beer - As mentioned, it isn’t sugar water with booze dumped in it like the Zimas of old. This has a nice bit of beer taste that will help a first time drinker transition into full blown alcoholism.

  4. Anybody who is hot (temperature) - I will reiterate, this beer is refreshing. Very good for summer beer. I don’t expect to be drinking these Week 10 of the NFL season.

Overall I give this beer a 6/10. That doesn’t sound great, but considering what I didn’t have to pay, that is a good score.



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