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Pardon My Take Episode 6/3/20 Recap

Updated: Jun 4

The guys are back in studio and happy to have a new list to get mad about: Peter King's NFL power rankings. Raiders at #8 have the boys heated. No respect for the Bills and thier huge handed QB.

Billy Football Pardon My Take Waluigi

Hot Seat/Cool Throne has some gems from Billy Football. He essentially compares himself to Jake Paul if he were WaLuigi.

Forrest Gump Writer and Oscar Winner Eric Roth interview is amazing. PFT gets to the bottom of some Forrest Gump secrets.

According to Roth, the Vietnam protest speech scene happened because he couldn't write a good enough speech. Despite enlisting comedic writers like Billy Crystal, Robin Williams, and Jon Lovitz, they were unable to craft a speech that captured the right tone, so instead they just turned Forrest's mic off in the movie.

Also, Roth explains some of the scenes he wrote for Forrest Gump 2. Among others, he mentions that Forrest rides in the back of OJ Simpson's white Bronco.

He also is responsible for starting "the wave" at a baseball game.

He dances with Princess Dianna.

Luitenant Dan gets shot while running for Congress.

Finally the movie was going to end with Forrest and his new girlfriend dying from the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Sadly, the events on 9/11 happened and they decided to not go ahead and make the movie.

Finally, Big Cat, PFT, and Billy Football do a Mount Rushmore of Things we love about dogs.

Also a quick round of guys on chicks.



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